We are proud members of the Slow Food Pannon Convivium, as part of the „Slow down Hungary!” movement, having been selected in the Slow Wine category alongside two other Szekszárd wineries – the Heimann family winery and the Sebestyén winery. The „House of Coffee” from Szekszárd is also a member of the Slow Living movement.

Our 2020 year has started well!

We are truly happy to have found another forum for our mission to make this world a better
The Slow Living movement and our values:

  • buy from your local producers
  • eat cleanly, healthily and in moderation
  • protect the environment
  • notice all the miracles, walk with open eyes and an open heart
  • live the days, the moments, not just your life

… and most importantly, drink good wines, enjoy the magic of the flavours, the company or even
the solitude.
From now on the Red Snail logo accompanies us on this journey. We are proud to have found a
worthy home.