Our aim is to preserve craftsmanship as a primary value of oenology as well as winemaking. Apart from the unique character of the winery, our wines also show the fruitiness and spiciness typical for the Szekszárd Wine Region, and they are full-bodied, elegant red wines at the same time.

In our line of varieties Blaufrankisch (Kékfrankos) plays the lead, while we also offer numerous widely known varieties also, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot; and Zweigelt from the nearby regions. We naturally produce Kadarka as well. Almost each of the varieties are made to individual wines, but we also work with adventurous blends, and not only the traditional Bull’s Blood of Szekszárd (Bikavér) that we call Sygno, since this blend is truly the signature wine to any Szekszárd winemaker.

If we had to name a flagship wine it would surely be the Serius, which was first produced in the vintage of 2009. Our estate wine is the Porkoláb that summarises all we would like to express about the Szekszárd terroir through our wines. We also produce an increasingly popular Rosé and the traditional Schiller as part of the joint effort of Szekszárd winemakers to distribute the variety under the Fuxli brand.

Our wines

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