The old cellar and the wine press house built by our grandparents are situated on the hillside of the Iván Valley. These are used as service areas for wine-tastings and the newly constructed processing plant is directly attached. Wines are made by combining traditional and modern technologies and they are bottled after a 14-24 months long aging process in oak barrels.

Grapes from about 10 hectares are processed in the cellar, with the majority originating from our own vineyards. We therefore produce an annual quantity of 30,000 bottles. We aim to gradually increase the area of our vineyards, but also intend to remain a winery in which the winemaker can create his own wines and produce them literally with his own hands.

The vineyards are located in outstanding ridges of the Szekszárd Wine Region, such as the Iván Valley (Iván-völgy), the Porkoláb Valley (Porkoláb-völgy), Görögszó, the Gyűszű Valley (Gyűszű-völgy), the Decsi-hegy and the Baranya Valley (Baranya-völgy). The different territories and distinct types of vineyards contribute to the diversity of the wines.

Our wines

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Oldal tetejére