All inhabitants are very proud that roots of viticulture and winemaking in Szekszárd date back to the Roman times. The flourishing wine culture of the region nowadays is proud to have developed significantly in the last few years. The number of wineries producing competitive, quality wines has increased impressively. Many of the well-known cellars received major investments for development, thus establishing the technological background for achieving higher quality.

The wines from Szekszárd (primarily the reds) are not only popular in Hungary but they are also well-known and acclaimed abroad. Wines from Szekszárd received dozens of gold medals and prestigious awards; and what is more important, they are acclaimed by wine-enthusiasts and consumers as well. A clear indicator of this tendency is the gradually increasing number of visiting wine-tourists.

The plantations of 2200 hectares are found among gentle ranges of hills, plateaus and exotic valleys. The ecological significance of the Szekszárd slopes and valleys is not in the soil properties or the soil types, since the bedrock forming the soil is the same all around the wine region. The unique aspect in evaluating the ridges is the microclimate providing protection against various climate impacts through locations and exposure. The annual number of sunshine hours is 2050-2100 according to the long-term regional average.

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