Viticulture and winemaking have been a generations-long tradition in our family, it is therefore no wonder I chose to follow this profession as well. The love of grapes and winemaking passed on from father to son, and my education complemented this heritage.
As a winemaker I consider excellent quality grapes to be the key to making good wines. The quality of the wine in the barrels greatly depends on the grapes used, so I dedicate particular attention to the development of my own vineyards, and also the appropriate usage of the grapes purchased from partner viticulturists.

My aim is to preserve craftsmanship as a primary value of oenology as well as winemaking. My primary concern is to create elegant, full-bodied red wines that are unique in character, and yet provide the fruitiness and spiciness typical to the Szekszárd Wine Region. The rightfulness of my chosen path is supported by the Top Young Winemaker prizes I received in 2008 and 2011 at the wine competition of the Szekszárd wine-growing community.

Our wines

nj cuvee
Oldal tetejére