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You must come and feel this experience!

Fresh fragrances, the colours of nature, the curvy and waving vines all across the uniquely positioned hills and valleys. White cottages lined up across the valleys – here the locals call them old press houses – and endless, meandering roads between the vineyards.

Out of the total 6.000 hectares of land in the region, vineyards are spread across a total of 2.600.

Szekszard is one of 22 wine regions in Hungary. People have been growing wine here since the 3rd century.

In total 30-40 winemakers produce bottled quality wines in this region

The most popular types of grape here are the Kadarka and the Kékfrankos

More interesting information about Szekszárd

Our best known cuvée is Bull’s Blood (Bikavér).

Yes, the eternal struggle with another town in Hungary called Eger. So where does Bull’s Blood originate from? Of course from Szekszárd! The name Bikavér is derived from the pen of Szekszárd’s poet János Garay in 1887. We refer to this when we say that our ancestors first made this blend in the Szekszárd region. Eger claims that Bull’s Blood was first made there.

The quality of the soil : loess sediment of the Pannonian Sea.

The pride of the Szekszárd winemakers’ community is the “Szekszárd bottle”, which can only be filled with Kadarka, Kékfrankos or Bikavér, after an official blind test review.