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We are glad you’ve found us!

We hope our website provides all the information you are looking for. The most important usually is the tasting anyway… but unfortunately this is still impossible online. Therefore, you should come to visit us in the valleys of Szekszárd!

romantikus piknik

Our family’s cellar tradition in the Ivan Valley dates back four generations, yet is still considered one of the young, dynamically developing wineries in Szekszárd.

2018 was a particularly significant year in our lives, as owner Jano celebrated his 20th independent anniversary harvest.

We make about 50,000 bottles of wine a year on more than 10 acres of land, where we strive to utilise all available resources from the unique terrain.
When processing grapes, we adhere to this philosophy, be it Kadarka, Blue Franc, white grapes or any other variety in the world.

Our motto is “Spontaneity from the hill.”

Let’s meet in the Ivan Valley! You can call us or send us an email with your enquiry.

One day we can toast under the old walnut tree.


The Wine of the Parliament  Award 2020

The Wine of the Parliament Award 2020

  In the 2020 Wine of the Parliament House competition, we again won the honorary title and first place in the KADARKA category! In 2019, our Kadarka 2017 wine became the Wine of the Parliament, and this year we brought the gold medal with our Kadarka 2018 item....

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Pannonian wine region

Pannonian wine region

 We are proud to have been announced as one of the top 5 wineries of the Pannonian Wine Region in the vote launched by the Pécs Winery publication for two consecutive years! Pannon wine region favorite cellars Top5We first became the owners of this proud title, which...

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Water bottle movement

Water bottle movement

True to our values, we do everything we can to protect our environment.We were the first Szekszard winemaker to join and offer the "free water bottle refill"; refill.hu  !So if you are ever hiking in Ivan Valley, you always get a glass of fresh cold tap water... or...

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